Sunday, May 29, 2011

Puppy Love

Couldn't resist watching this on Youtube.  My first thought when I saw this guessed it Justin Beiber! I got Georgia over for a look and that was the first thing she said as well.  Talk about reinventing the wheel.  This teenage boy thing really worked for the Osmonds and now it's happening all over again.  Confession time here, I had a Donny doll when I was growing up in the 70's.  My  Donny doll had on a purple jumpsuit just like on the Donny & Marie Show on tv.  Mum has still kept all my dolls in a wee old suitcase, including Donny as well.

Oh.....went waaaaaay off topic just then.  Here's my blog now.

Animals, Animals, Animals

Invariably when you decide to care for humans and animals you can fall instantly in love.
Such is the case with the puppies from next door that Georgia is helping to look after.  So meet Moose, who is now almost 4 weeks old.  What can I say? we are all complete pushovers in this house for any sort of animal and have decided he could quite easily join our menagerie of other animals.  Moose is the most laid back pup in the litter, just like his dad.  It was lucky we decided almost a fortnight ago to get him, because lots of people have wanted him since then, so we are really pleased we picked him early.

It has been several years since we've had a dog, who was a golden retriever called Bella.  So puppy life will hopefully not be such a big upheaval to our household, compared with before. You know, the weeing and pooing inside bit, the toilet training bit and the discipline bit. The children go next door lots and play with the puppies.  The owner, Tracey, wants them handled as much as possible so they are humanised and easy to deal with in the future.  Otherwise they would get hardly any human contact as they all work long hours.  Today they are starting solids, which has been obvious for a few days now, as the puppies are constantly checking out the food bowl.

Proud Mama Georgia with little Moose, he's so tiny

Shssssh...a little rudie photo

Georgia and Moose on Wednesday

Aren't the puppies getting big?

Sebbie amongst the autumn leaves

Xena, making herself right at home in the dogs basket

Who's on the clothes horse?

Poppy, oh to be light enough not to fall through the towels


  1. ha...your cat must have learned that from mine....or maybe the other way around except we found her sitting straddled across the frame lol! (I'll see if I can find pics)

    Moose is so cute...I"m a sure sucker for fallening in love with anything four-legged too!

  2. Oh! So cute! Yes, in America we call aprons, aprons. I think I will start calling mine a pinny. That just sounds more fun. :-) I hope to make another one this summer, but first I have to dig out the machine which is in the back of the garage. Smores are totally insane campfire desserts. By insane, I mean fattening and not healthy in the least. You roast marshmallows over the fire, then you smoosh the marshmallow between a grahm cracker with a chocolate bar in there too. We love them! I never think to take a photo of them. They are always eaten so quickly! Enjoy your ski trips.



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