Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why We Love Homeschooling

Today we had a fireman come around to our place to teach us about fire safety.  What a wonderful homeschool moment to have and re-enforced to us why we do what we do.  This all came about because Alex will sometimes be working for his father and needs to know how to put out a fire should one happen where they are working.  Alf has been doing fire courses for the 24 years he worked at the council, however, the rest of us know absolutely nothing about fire extinguishers and what to use and the when and the how. As well as being a fireman, Rob works part time for a hazards and fire training company.  He was saying the fire service doesn't really do teaching anymore, especially to teenagers like we have.  So the children and I had the most amazing opportunity to learn essential fire safety from an expert and learn how to handle an extinguisher and cope with a small fire. I must add here that our new company paid for this as these things aren't free unfortunately.

We learnt about the triangle of fire, and how you need three essential elements for a fire to start; fuel, heat and oxygen. When you take away one of the sides, you can prevent fire starting or stop it.

The children were given a test as well. They learnt about PTASS and extinguishers...

P-pull, T-test, A-aim, S-sweep, S-smother

Our setup out the front of our house, fire tray, gas bottles and different types of extinguisher
Rob lights the fire tray
He has his glove on I notice, a wise fireman, as the flames got really hot really fast
After giving the extinguisher a test, Rob crouches and waves the extinguisher back and forth over the fire.  He said not to spray directly at the flames.
Alex starts his turn as Georgia and I look on.  Alex is using CO2 this time.
 I can say from my experience that the cylinders are heavy and are really loud to use.  Quite an experience I must say.  I have never used one before and learnt so much about them.  Had I had to use one I would have gone about it all wrong.  The children are much richer for the lesson.  Rob was great with them. He said in the 8 years he has been doing training, he's never taught children so he just altered his training to aim at our two.  We are most thankful for that.
 Almost out after about 10 seconds.
 We then used the dry powder extinguisher, which is what Alf bought me for the house.  These are the most commonly used extinguishers for people to use.  It's what you would use in the home, car, garage or boat. 
 Makes a real mess, but beats you house burning down. 

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