Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Frugal Vegetable Soup (bulk freezer recipe)

Around the home
It was Queens Birthday weekend and also a long weekend for New Zealanders.  The Queen's birthday is actually in April, however we celebrate it in June.  Haven't ever found out the reason for this, perhaps someone knows?

A strong earthquake measuring 5.5 jolted us all yesterday morning at 9.09am.  We have had a real seismic couple of days.  I will need to straighten my bookcases again, as the books all slid sideways.  Last evening, I had just finished giving Alex the earthquake drill before leaving to pick Georgia up from her friends house, when another one hit.  It pays to just remind the children when they are being left at home for a short time, what to do if one strikes and Mum and Dad have popped out.  I admit to feeling uneasy leaving him on a day with so many aftershocks.  Turned out there were no more while I was out.  Just one when I got home instead.

Georgia has been away all weekend, staying with a horsey friend and being groom at a 2 day horse competition.  I have to admit to missing her.  We share such a close relationship, so I missed her chatter and excitement around the house.  Alf and Alex had Air soft on Saturday and worked together yesterday and Sunday.  So I've actually had some quiet time to myself.  This is most unusual and almost never happens.  So what did I do with my time? I finished a (non homeschooling) book I was reading, spent some time reading blogs, got up to date with the accounts for our business, and pottered around the house.  Not terribly exciting at all.  However, I feel refreshed with just having had a break from other people.

In the last week, we have adopted Isaac, the country dog.  This came about because his family had moved to Australia for work about 6 months ago.  Since then he has missed having children and people around him.  Isaac is a 12 year old Black Lab/huntaway cross, with the most gentle personality and only one eye.  He is very good around the cats and doesn't even bark at the chickens (he is very good at rounding them up when they get out).  He will invariably retire with us and is no problem at all.  Hopefully he will be a good teacher for young Moose when he gets here. Which won't be long now, as they are running around outside now.  So our pet population has suddenly doubled almost overnight!

In the Kitchen
I make this soup almost weekly over the winter months.  Very cheap to make and is delicious.  You can even watch it on YouTube.

Pumpkin & Vegetable Soup

5 litres water in a large pot
Bring to boil and add the following:- pumpkin, celery, carrots, silverbeet, 4T chicken stock and minced garlic
Boil soup for 20 minutes
Add 2 cups red lentils
Boil another 20 minutes
Puree soup



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting the other day! Many blessings to you!

  2. Hi I thought of you re the earthquake - must be so unsettling.
    it is nice when home alone aye - but feels weird.
    Love Leanne

  3. This looks great I have never seen anything like it before thanks for sharing.




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