Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mission Impossible?

Around here at the moment it's like we are living in a war zone.  There are large military operations happening everyone one looks.  Yes, this is the reality of suddenly deciding to sell your much loved house and property.  Said property has been converted into a small fenced in semi-rural-like garden and yard. My spare time in the past weeks has been spent finishing our school year off and landscaping in a major way.

There is a lot of garden around here (which we love), however, it all needs to be removed.  Let me highlight just what we are doing at the moment.  There has been much discussion on our next project, let me explain.

1.   The decision has been made to sell our house and move to the country. Simple Plan.
2.   Start looking at small holdings in country of approximately 10 to 20 acres.  Nice and simple.
3.   Organize potential Real Estate Agent to visit home, give some pointers and arrange next meeting. Nice.
4.   Completely changed surrounding gardens and lawn for a more aesthetic appeal. Much watering needed.
      Slight problem because earthquake has caused lack of city water.  Can only water 3 times a week with
      hand held hose.
5.   Gifted some ready-lawn by fellow church friends to tidy up front of house.  The area had always been a garden full of overgrown shrubs, which we recently removed. I have water blasted the fences ready for painting. Have since planted along the fence and put stones in the garden next to the house.  Will put some "after" photos on here to show you the difference a few plants and stones can make. Thank you Lord.

6.   Secretly using sprinkler on said front lawn at 11pm at night under cover of darkness as lawn needs
      watering intensively for 2 weeks. Shhhhhh.
7.   Leased lockup garage close by to remove excess objects and clutter from around home and yard. Done.
8.   Sadly, realise we are dreaming about buying an affordable property in our price range. Sob.
9.   Decide to look for bare land and build.  Therefore moving aside financially but not into huge debt. Dream.
10. Re-assess planned move, now may include selling, then renting, buying with cash, building farmhouse while living on
      site. Tricky.
11. Need all the money from house sale so decide to sell house ourselves. Easy.
12. Start designing ideal house for family of 4. FUN & TIME CONSUMING.

So that about brings us to where we are now.  Flat out tidying up and planning for Christmas.  My spare time has been spent pouring over floor plan designs, thanks to google images. Just imagine you had the opportunity to completely design your home from scratch to include all those features you admire in other homes.  It's a daunting task as we want some specific features and layout to suit our hobbies, family time & homeschooling space, office, large laundry combined with  wet and drying rooms, verandas, open plan, large fire, kitchen with large storage areas and larder.  As you can see, we are trying to think of everything and still stick to a strict budget.  A rectangular box of 10 by 20 metres or 200 square metres.  Not an easy task, but one in which we are both combining together our own ideas.

On that note, it's goodbye for now and time to start in the yard with my two teenage helpers.  We do however, always have 2 four-legged helpers willing to poke about with what we are working on or shifting.  Can get nasty around the spades and shovels though.  The children are very keen on anything that gets them closer to the country.  Have not struck any problems with them working with us on this move.  Kinda nice that we are all motivated on this one, would be awkward if somebody didn't want to shift.  Great thing with homeschooling and no high school to worry about.  No crying over missing malls, friends and the area we live in.  Most of our close friends live in the area we are shifting to, so we are all excited over that.



  1. Have you got a Pininterest???? Would be sooo fun to collect all the ideas!

    We found our place totally unexpectedly, It had been on market - but sign had gone. We drove past & Brent went in & knocked on their door. It was in between going to a new real estate agent. Came home thought about it. Next day a land agent asked if we wanted to sell our place - no kidding! Whirl wind sold & brought event. It was meant to be.
    something special like this could be in the wind for you too.

    Love Leanne

  2. When this is all over you will have quite a story to tell and will appreciate your new home so much.

  3. Hi di hi
    Just wanted to give you a nudge towards doing your own selling.We have sold four properties without agents. Dont be afraid to do it. What have they got that you cant do? The only thing they may have is a list of potential buyers. If buyers are serious they will be looking at all ads - so you dont need an agent. Last two properties we sold we had a sign maker to make the signs. Very sharp, photos and all, budget around $300 to $400 dollars for this. Although we used newspaper ads as well the sharp signs sold the property. Do not be afraid to create your own flyers and distribute them. School staff rooms and lawyers offices are a good place to put flyers.Also do your own open homes.
    Good luck. Keep thinking about the money you will save and what you can spend that on! You can do it!!

  4. How neat that you have such willing workers! Even the four-legged ones :0)

    Sounds like a very busy time for you, Lee-Anne. Praying the God opens all the right doors for you {{hugs}}

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