Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Moose The Puppy

Little Moose, our Shih Tzu puppy,  is almost fully grown now.  If you remember back in May, Georgia was asked to help with the birth and immediate care of a litter of puppies that lived next door to our house.
Since then Moose has become a firm favourite in the house.  Learning all the important rules, which he has been nicely learning off Isaac.  Isaac is a bit of a policeman when it comes to keeping everyone in line.  This not only includes Moose, but also the cats as well.  Look out if they aren't where they should be.  On the breakfast bar or coffee table for instance.

Moose loves his soft toys.  He carries them around with him all day.  Bringing all his favourites along where ever we are in the house.  The squeaky ones are the best.  He has perfected the squeak on most of them, self squeaking against everthing, including our legs.

Just been born in May

Eyes are finally open

A cute bundle of fluff, Georgia is teaching the dogs to jump obstacles.  Moose is really tiny here, look at him compared to the leaf rake.

Such a clever puppy, already doing jumps

Oh, can't forget Isaac the accomplished jumper

We couldn't keep him inside and off the snow

Oh dear, balls of frozen snow have formed on Moose's tummy.  We wet a towel with warm water and pressed it against him to slowly melt the snow

Happiness is sleeping with you best friends, even if some of them are slippers



  1. Oh,he is a charming puppy! And looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks Jenn, he really has the sweetest personality and is such a character. He doesn't suffer from "small dog syndrome" either, thinks he's just one of the big dogs.



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