Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sad Times

Saturday 27th November 2010

A catch up of news from the last week.  A sad week, where our thoughts are firmly grounded with the "Pike29" (as they are calling it) families and the desperate bid to rescue their loved ones.  My family are from Greymouth, Hokitika and Wesport. Alf was born in Westport, as was my mother.  None of our relatives are in mining now, however Alf's father was a miner in the Denniston Mine, just north of Westport.

I think what touched us all was holding on to the hope that they could be found alive and that against insurmountable odds they would survive the explosions.  In this day and age with technology, we are almost immune to tragic events failing.  That somehow man can overcome any obstacle and people will survive even when things seem very bleak.  I must admit to being drawn like everyone else to the television and radio waiting for good news. I sat at my home desk yesterday and participated  in the minute of silence as I listened to Radio New Zealand.

I do believe in miracles and prayed that some of the men would survive and walk out, or there be a phone call for help made.  But alas no call was made.  I am trying to convey the enormity of this tragedy to my children.  We know that it is 3kms from our home to the horse paddock, and I tell Alex and Georgia that the men are that far into the mountain.

 Today was going to be an uplifting blog about life around our home.  But instead my grief appears to have come to the fore.

I am reminded of such tragedy at this time because on the 5th of December, it will be 2 years since Alf survived being electrocuted with 22,000 volts in a farming accident.  Alf was very lucky, surviving against all odds, with a major burn to his left big toe as the electricity left his body.  We are thankful now for many things in life after this time.  Alf was on ACC for almost 2 years and has since found new emplyoment thanks in part to his determination to recover from a number of setbacks since the accident.

So there we have it, a  sombre and heartfelt post for you all today.

A blog tomorrow about our trip in the last week to Willowbank Wildlife Park to collect some feathers.


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