Monday, January 10, 2011

Life Returns To Normal At Last

Daily Happenings...
I am soooo much better now that I'm over all this nausea and other unpleasant symptons of the food poisoning I had last week.  In fact I'm almost chomping on the bit to get things done. The last week has just flown by and I want to get my garden back into some sort of order and also spend a couple of days mapping out Term One's schoolwork. Finish the spring cleaning I started as well.  My kitchen gleams from the day of furious scrubbing I spent in there.

Garden Happenings....
As I wandered a the yesterday I certainly noticed how much the veges have grown and in some cases done their thing and are ready to pull out (read cauliflowers), and that I need to make ready the ground for autumn produce. Ooooh! We have been eating our beetroot.  I have been roasting them, just lightly coated in oil and sliced in half.  What a amazing sweet flavour they have done that way, yet they still retain the classic beetroot taste as well. There really aren't enough to bottle and it's nice to eat them as fresh as possible.

I was at the nursery to pick up parsnip seed (last packet on the shelf as everyone else has the same idea as me) and popped a sage plant for my herb garden on the counter as well. Thinking ahead to next year's roast chicken for Christmas!

So more carrots to sow and some parsnips for the winter.  They will go into the space where the potatoes have come out of.  Next year we definately need to plant twice as much potatoes for a longer harvest.  Speaking of next year's garden, look what happens when you have too much time on your hands and an very early morning coffee session outside....

Mapping out some more land for garden, the other potential garden runs between this one marked out with garden tools and the wheelie bin and tyre swing and the boundary fence.

This whole plan hinges on the removal of this Silver Birch tree.  We already topped this tree in the spring and were amazed at how much light we now have. We like the light that now streams into our living rooms too much.

 Frugal Meals...
With me being sick last week, the meals were certainly more expensive and more instant to make than perhaps I would personally plan for.  However, I'm not complaining in the least as the best was made a of bad situation and it was all hands on deck for food preparation.  So this week, things are a lot tighter to make up for this. This is what I have planned for the meals until Thursday...

Last Friday we had Chili, rice and seasonal veges like those roasted beetroot, salad, beans and broccoli
Saturday was Macaroni Cheese enough for 5 of us
Sunday was leftover red kidney beans made into another Chili in Crepes, salad, green beans and rice

I covered these crepes with a white sauce and grated cheese, makes a little go a long way.  This meal fed 5 adults with almost one dish for left overs.

Monday will have a go at making ravioli stuffed with left over roasties and seasonal veg
Tuesday Fried Rice, seasonal veges and a pudding
Wednesday Chili Bean and Potato Bake with seasonal veg and baked bread

Our Caterpillar, Nibbles, is certainly living up to it's name.  Nibbles is now 35mm long and very wide and chews day and night.  Reminds me of this...

Bye for now, Lee-Anne

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