Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Visiting The SPCA

Just recently Georgia and my sister, Janelle, paid a visit to our local SPCA shelter.  There was extra tinned cat food from our house to deliver, mainly due to our cats suddenly becoming very fussy and preferring a nice new brand of cat biscuit.  Janelle had some spare kitty litter to take as well.  All of which would have been  gladly accepted by the staff there, where food and such like are provided by donation only.  Here is a glimpse of what they saw. 

It breaks my heart to see cats with sad faces.  Don't you think they look sad?
However, this wee guy just screams "Get me out of here!"
Lastly, some just say "Leave me alone"

This is clearly not a cat, but it is Georgia's favourite photo of a horse in the paddock beside the SPCA compound.

I know that I'm going to give my cats an extra big pat and hug today, how about you?

 Couldn't resist one more photo of Sebbie....he will be easy to find for snuggles
I wonder if the makers of Writeshop thought of their programme being used as a nice place to sleep?

Buy for now, Lee-Anne

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  1. It breaks my heart, too. I often visit an online feline rescue and wish to save them all, however, my kitty is a one-cat-only kitty. She would throw a hissy fit for sure. So, like you, I take care of her and give her extra love, knowing I have saved one cat in this world. Those are some darling cats and I hope they find homes.



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