Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Plan "B" Days

Home Happenings

A much cooler day for us all, thank goodness.  After having an overnight temperature of 28.5 celsius on Sunday, some of the family were quite grumpy and found school work to be much harder.  Living with a child on the autistic spectrum, I have enough experience to understand when we are having a bad day,  and when we are having a great day.  Yesterday was very much a bad day for us all.  Alex had had a very busy weekend with perhaps too many activities.  Couple all that with lack of sleep and over stimulation, and it's a recipe for a difficult day.  These sorts of days I call "Plan B Days", where planned lessons pretty much go out the window for Alex and I spend almost all day keeping an extra eye on what he is doing.  It is exhausting and draining, as Georgia still has to have my attention and needs help with her lessons.  Today I will allow him to sleep in and recover much needed energy.  We will do some fun activities and carry on as usual.  Alex cannot help the fact that he has such bad days, and I try to remember this fact when dealing with the aftermath of so many meltdowns in one day. I am just so thankful that he has the space in his home environment to escape to and that he is not punished, as he would have been had he still been at school.

This was Alex's pizza, it sums up pretty well how he was feeling


Georgia was busy in the kitchen.  Pizza was in order for lunch, so what better way to combine home economics and lunch.

What We Are Watching & Reading

I was given the movie Dear Frankie to watch by my sister Janelle.  After she had watched it, she couldn't wait to hand it on to me, she said it was soooo good.  And, she was absolutely right.  A fantastic, heartfelt movie that I challenge anyone to watch without a cry.  We watched it as part of "drama" for homeschool, and I didn't feel the least bit guilty that we were all snuggled up in bed watching television in school hours.


We have been showing Georgia some old television programmes we liked...she's been watching the following....

I can now tell you my books that were bought on Trade Me have finally arrived.  I am so excited and can't wait to start reading  them. Thankfully they are in excellent condition, you never know exactly what you are going to get when buying secondhand online. 

Enjoy your day.....bye for now, Lee-Anne


  1. It is indeed a blessing to have your son home where he can get the kind of environment he needs. I have the Karen Andreola book and refer to it often. It's not one you soak in all at once. It takes time. We love pizza, homemade, too. I have not forgot about your question about breakfast for dinner. I try to have breakfast night once a week. Usually it is pancakes and fruit. Breakfast is a cheap meal and no one cares if there is no meat. :-)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them. Breakfast night sounds yum and econimical (two things I like put together) we make special waffles, might try it with that.

    The book I will take in slowly, as you say.

  3. Hi
    Homeschool is awesome aye! Good on you rolling with the bad days & running with the good.

    Dear Frankie look excellent - will try to get it at dvd shop.

    I loved Mr Ed!!! & remember follyfoot farm

    I wonder what you will think of Charlotte Mason - it's what made us jump into home schooling. Amanda is a wonderful lady! Find her on facebook she posts regularly.

    Love Leanne

  4. Yum. That pizza looks amazing. :D



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