Friday, March 11, 2011

What I Wouldn't give For A Good Nights Sleep Right Now

Please stop the earthquake ride....I'm ready to get off now!
This is a sentiment felt by many people around the city at the moment. The constant aftershocks are unpredictable, unexpected and unnerving.  This constant shaking both day and through the night is causing broken sleep to many people, like me for instance.  I have always been a very light sleeper.  Even before babies and children came along I was never a deep sleeper.  So after September the sleeping for me has gotten a bit harder some nights.
Since Saturday night's whopper 4.8 aftershock, most nights we have experienced major aftershocks right on going to bed time.  Then anytime through the night, 10pm, 11.30pm, 2am, 2.55, 4am so on and so on,  this was last night here Rash-of-overnight-Christchurch-earthquake-aftershocks. I popped into the local health shop while out grocery shopping yesterday to enquire about  something natural to help with sleep.  The shop assistant said that's the main reason people are coming into the store at the moment. Here is a really good article on this subject Easing-stress-things-you-can-do Anybody got some good natural remedies for quake wary and sleep deprived brains?

Homeschool resumed again on Monday.  It was good to have some routine back in our day  at last. You have to remember, we went through all this back in September (in our dress rehearsal earthquake as they are calling it) I must say though, it was hard remembering exactly where we had left off when we dropped everything (literally) and ran for our lives. Having said that, on Wednesday I slept on and off  for most of the day, stress and lack of sleep finally catching up on me. The children had much the same kind of day as well. So no school that day.  Which was OK with me. Having the children and myself trying to battle on, but suffering from major tiredness would only lead to less work being done around the house and probably more stress.  I could tell by my mood on Monday and Tuesday nights that the normal daily things were getting harder. You know what they say about life looking better after a good nights sleep.
The children seem to be coping with the aftershocks and life really well during daylight hours.  However, come dark and bedtime and things are a different matter. Less than favourable feelings are being lashed towards each other in the house, so we need to be able to manage those in a more appropriate way. Again it comes back to what I spoke about in my last blog, about keeping healthy by eating well, exercising and getting plenty of sleep. After the 4.8 on Saturday night Alex is back in the lounge and Georgia is in our bed.  I am on the floor of the dining room on a mattress. But we are getting more sleep, where ever it may be from, and that's what is really important now.  Most homes in Christchurch will have some weird sleeping arrangements going on as well. This is the new "normal" they are talking about.
Alf seems to cope better and heads off to sleep and that's it for the night.  He has to be quite disciplined with his sleep routine because he's got to get up and head off to work each day , despite what's happening around him. I'm so proud of him for doing that.  .

New Job
Alf has accepted a new job and starts on Monday.  His time working in Darfield was of great benefit to him, when you consider he was previously on ACC for almost 2 years due to a terrible electrocution accident at his old workplace. Needless to say, he has worked hard at returning to pre accident levels of ability in his engineering field.  This new position as an engineer is one that he has sought quite vigorously, and ironically since the earthquake, the drilling company is screaming with work and basically chased him.
So a small miracle for us  in what has been a terrible event.  With the ever increasing petrol prices and the trickle-down effect shown here Energy-costs-to-fuel-price-rises, a job closer to the city will be a huge relief.  A full tank of petrol in our wee 1300cc Toyota Corolla will now last 2 weeks instead of barely one.

An impressive leaving morning tea was called for. I got busy in the kitchen making a nice spread for him and his workmates. This included a yummy chocolate chip oaty slice, cupcakes and savoury muffins.  I could have baked up a storm in the kitchen with all my renewed energy, but sometimes, as they say "less is more".

And on a lighter note
I am in a re-organisation mode since reading about what Leanne is doing over at Cottagetails here project-333 and changes are afoot here.  Nothing like a motivation boost to get your personal life back in shape and order.  Over the last week I have read more organizing blogs and articles than I would have in the past, a nice distraction from the goings on around here.  One blog mentioned when you bring a new item into the house, no matter what it is, you should equally remove something old or worn out that is no longer needed.  This keeps stuff from building up around the place and forces a purge on a more regular basis.
Georgia and I were in our local Dress-smart and bought a $10 tshirt each for the children...

I wonder who the Star Trek fan is?

Haute Couture for the teenage boy

Next up is my old dungy (not to be ever worn anywhere by me) tshirt (sorry, not even worth going to Sallies shop). More on my purchase in a future blog. So something in something out.... 

 Yes, clothing was harmed in the making of this blog!!, he he 

Much hilarity was had doing this, good way to relieve earthquake stress!


  1. I had not heard of your latest after shock. I do pray they settle down soon. Great news for your husband's new job. And I love the Star Trek shirt. We are big Trek fans here, too. So glad you are keeping us posted. I will pray that you get some sleep. I would not be able to function either.

  2. I often think of how on earth you are coping.
    I'll dig out my natural remedies book & see if something will help - We have rescue remedy in our get away kits - but me things something a bit more.

    Soo glad you are enjoying project 333 - I have decided to up my look around home & have not replaced the elastic pants track pants look - wearing jeans - I have brought some 2nd hand tops off trade me to wear around the home & garden - designer labels so will look rather posh!

    i am hooked on the minimalist look - the family are shaking their heads.....

    good news about the job!!!!!!

    Love Leanne



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