Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Bit Of Earthquake News, Now I'm Done

Last week I had planned to finish concentrating on the earthquake and its aftermath, and begin blogging again about a topic very close to my heart (and purse strings),  grocery prices, budgeting and living frugally on one wage. So more of these thoughts to come this week, you see I have been thinking again!

However, I couldn't resist putting this amazing piece of footage on here.  The footage highlights how incredibly hard it would have been to out-run a falling building, when it took mere seconds for buildings to collapse.  Watch closely in the second footage, the cars first start moving sideways, then up and down.



  1. Wow. Just watching it gave me chills. I can imagine how helpless you all feel.

  2. Oh my - there really is no time to react is there?

    Hope that you and the family are holding up okay down there.



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