Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Steps To Feeling Fabulous

From the May 2010 issue of Healthy Options, an article by Barbara Ann Guiney

Feeling fabulous puts a smile on your face and in your heart.  Begin to feel fabulous by first accepting and knowing that you are! 
The true fabulous feeling doesn't come from your ego, but from your heart and spirit.  Being fabulous is an inner knowing of your worth, beauty, goodness and kindness.  It is trusting yourself and spirit.  It's honouring and expressing all of your qualities and values.  When you embrace your fabulousness on a daily basis, your life is filled with love and joy.  You become an irresistible magnet when you know it and exude it, because people want to be around you.  We all admire and love a woman who truly believes and expresses her fabulousness.

The ego or self-critical voice can hinder your ability to feel fabulous and usually isn't true.  Become aware when that happens and replace that negativity with a positive statement.  Don't share your self-criticism with others, because you will probably damage their image of you.  They were originally attracted to you for your positive aspects so why would you want to detract from that? For some women it has become a destructive habit (e.g. Do I look fat in this?).

Finding happiness within the moment can empower you to create an even better future.  Allow the goodness in your heart and soul to win over your ego.  There may be things you want to change about yourself to improve your life.  If you can change those things, then do it.  Stop complaining and get moving.  Don't expect a man to help you get over your criticisms.  They can't, they don't know how and it's not their job.  It's yours.  Maybe your best girlfriends can help you.

Replace self-criticism with kindness and honouring yourself.  In your garden of life, water your flowers.  Ignore your weeds and they will die.  Love yourself first so that you have love to give others and be an inspiration for them.  It's not difficult to love yourself, although it may seem unfamiliar.  Be willing to do new things.  It is vital that you feel fabulous physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  For best results, do each of these simple and easy steps daily.  Don't complain or give excuses, just do them and you'll see great results quickly.

1.Gratitude Start each day before you get out of bed with gratitude and thoughts that bring a smile to your face.  Listen to your favourite song, read a passage from a special book or think about what glorious plans you have for your day.  Visualise that day as an empty canvas where you can paint the most beautiful picture with your actions and thoughts.

2. Clear Negativity Ask for guidance from above to clear any negativity that you may be carrying or anything that is not to your highest good.  Trust that it will be done.  Notice how much lighter you feel after asking.  Remember, 'Ask and you will receive'.  You are worth it.

3. Be Still Be silent twice a day by meditating or just sitting quietly to listen to what your body and soul are feeling.  It's amazing what great ideas you can hear.  Meditating is a balance to prayer because after we ask the questions, we need quiet time to hear the answers.  Life is a cycle of rest and activity, so give yourself permission to relax 10 to 15 minutes, twice a day.  You can start with just five minutes, as a little time is better than no time.  You will become addicted to how great you feel and eventually expand the time.

4. Move It Exercise daily even if it's just stretching.  Move it or lose it! Dance for 10 minutes or do whatever you enjoy.  Just do it because you will feel better.  Increase your exercise to 20-30 minutes or more a day.  Moderation is the key.

5. Eat Healthy Fuel your furnace with healthy food in small portions frequently during the day.  Eat foods slowly.  You can begin with fruit in the morning to cleanse your body.  Don't eat past two hours before bedtime, because it's best for your body to focus on healing, not digestion, during sleep.

6. Awareness Become aware of your thoughts.  When you hear a negative thought, replace it with a positive one until it becomes a habit.  With practise you can eliminate your negative self-talk and erase those negative statements in your memory from others in your past.

7. Love Love yourself daily.  Just imagine filling your heart and every cell of your body with loving energy.  Don't wait for others to give you love.  Happiness begins within.  We can only give what we have, therefore, after you love yourself daily give love to others.  This will keep you in the consciousness of love.  It's crucial for your heart and soul, and reminds you who really are.

8. Clothes Only wear clothes that make you feel fabulous.  Give away those other clothes! When you go on holiday you take your favourite clothes, so treat every day as a holiday.  Wear fabulous clothes daily and feel your best!

9. Special People Places Surround yourself with people, places, jobs, houses and all things that make you feel special and support you.  Don't share your dreams, energy or space with anything or anyone that doesn't make your heart sing.  Daily use of special silverware! Your deserve only the best!

10. Gratitude At the end of the day before you go to sleep, be grateful.  Spend a few minutes before you drift off to sleep listing what you are grateful for today.  Gratitude creates more things to be grateful for.  That's how nature works!

After you do each of these steps for 30 days, you will significantly alter the way you feel.  You will begin to feel fabulous! Continue for three months and you will feel like a new woman and be an inspiration to others.  Do you choose to feel fabulous for the rest of your life??

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