Friday, May 6, 2011


Georgia has had a very special job this week looking after brand new puppies born to Banshe, who lives next door to us.  Banshie went into labour on Tuesday and delivered 4 puppies, boy, girl, boy and girl.  Tracey, the owner, has had to work long hours this week, so Georgia has taken over several 3 hour feeds during the afternoons and evenings.  Boy, they are a huge time waster! and soooo cute.  They are tiny at this stage and don't really resemble any sort of dog really.  Sadly, the little girl born last died of suffocation under her mum overnight.  So down to 3 puppies now, 2 very hungry boys, who have no problems putting themselves on the teat.  And a little girl who needs lots of help from Georgia at feeding time.

This is what they will look like when they grow up.

I saw this the other day at the fruit and vege market, an enormous pumpkin to guess the weight of.

Our first frost, mmmm winter is just around the corner.

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