Monday, October 25, 2010

Labour Weekend

An amazing moon tonight, so played around with the settings on the camera. This is the night/moon setting.  However, was very glary.

I am a very lucky girl in my house.  Some room has been made in our outdoor shed for a potting bench and shelving, which gives me an area to sow seeds, plan my planting and get inspired.

My bench, that's an empty fish tank on the end, might do tadpoles in it for school

Couldn't resist taking this of Sebbie lying asleep on our bedroom floor, oblivious to the spring cleaning going on around him.  It was time for the 6 monthly turning of mattress, will do next at Easter. Bed was lifted, floor was vacuumed, wool underlay and electric blanket hung on clothes line to air.  Another job to mark off spring cleaning list.

A project of mine at the moment is making chicken manure. So have been given untreated sawdust from my dad.  Dad is retired now and loves wood turning.  So I relieve him of his shavings, which is great for me as I have a constant source of material to add to my chicken poo.  This sawdust will be added to the chicken coop, and the sawdust in there at the moment will be scooped out and stored somewhere dry out and decompose for next year.

Wholemeal loaves rising on the bench

 Dinner tonight, risotto with Spanish sausage and salad.

Bye for now, Lee-Anne

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  1. you got a better moon photo than I did. I love the moon!

    Love Leanne



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