Friday, October 22, 2010

Moments in time

Thursday 21st October 2010

Gosh, sooooo much to blog about and so little time!
A big thankyou to Leanne over at for the lovely comments.  Thanks so much for the support, very unexpected. Will blog later as well, have much to talk about.  May even start a baking/cooking blog as well. Onto today......

Growing from seed
The garden is a constant source of material for our homeschool journey.

Georgia has been homeschooled now for just over one term or about 12 weeks.  At her previous school, they promote a form of study called enquiry learning.  This style allows a child to take a subject they are passionate about, study it for a term then present the completed work to the teacher.

Well, around here, at any given moment we may have what I call "teachable moments". Where, while we are busy with our daily lives, something may be happening with our garden, chickens, cleaners or our studies which suddenly requires us to drop everything else we are doing to concentrate on this moment.

This is one of the best parts of our homeschooling journey for me.  I have always felt you are far more likely to remember what you learn if it has real meaning to you, and this is so true of my children.  I call this learning for meaning, and I try to base our school work around it.
A moment arrived as Georgia and I were feeding the chocks early in the morning.  My green climbing beans are up out of the ground after a little over a weeks planting.  We stopped and had a good look.

Our conversation begins by observing what's sticking out of the ground, so off inside we go to find out Which is where the next couple of hours was spent. Youtube is a great resource for us at home.

Georgia and I

We cut a bean in half and study the cross section (sorry, a bit blurry)

Lettuce seedlings in potting tray are up finally

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  1. good on you! You have grasped the homeschooling lifestyle!
    I find it interesting that schools have enquiry learning - sounds very unschooling....

    Loved watching the you tube. Our beans we soaked - sprouted, I planted them in garden the other day & their little new growth is having a shock with all this YUCK spring weather - I hope they do ok.

    Love Leanne



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