Monday, October 18, 2010

Our daily bread

Sunday 17th October 2010

An unusually hot spring day for Christchurch residents, into the 20's.  Our weather in spring can swing from snow and southerly storms or cold north easterly winds to warm and balmy from one day to the next.  So it is lovely to work outside in a sunny warm wind, watching the clothes line full of washing drying in the breeze and sitting under a shady tree contemplating the next job on the list. You will find I'm a list person, and especially now at the grand old age of 43. My memory is not as good as it once was,  and if  I don't jot a thought down at the moment it comes to mind, it is gone.  Also, I like being organised (the Virgo in me) and I am constantly adding to my weekend job list as soon as the next Monday comes along. At the weekend I have Alf  home from work and he is an absolute work horse. So much gets done and I am very lucky. Here is todays list:

Make 2 identical bird feeders for Zoology
Buy 2 sketch books for art
Kitchen knives need sharpening
Make bun dough and bake bread
Plant beetroot seedlings, carrot seeds, peas and dwarf butter beans
Dig over new vege garden and fork through planned garden
Housework ( always on every list, doesn't mean it actually gets done)
Cover brassica garden with netting to keep away white butterfly
Do baking
Plant thyme

Wholemeal buns rising ready for Monday's lunches

We are using carrot tape this year, will tell you how it goes (2 x 4.5m rows)

Brasicas tucked up for bed and no butterflies going to touch  them

Start of new herb garden, so far oregano, rosemary & thyme.  Tub is for basil.

And lastly a lovely show of purple azalea out at the front fence. 

P.S - as new to blogging seem to be having issues with time & date thingeys, can any body help? would kindly appreciate any comments left, thanks.

1 comment:

  1. your garden looks great.
    Re time - look for pacific or Fiji time - it's the same as Auckland.

    Love Leanne



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