Sunday, October 17, 2010

All creatures great and small - Part 2

Saturday 16th October 2010

I am surprised at how much I love having chickens around.

There was a time not long ago when each weekend was spent making the garden and lawn as immaculate and as presentable to anybody who came to visit us. This was of course, what everyone else did as well.  You didn't actually create food or provide a source of eggs from your land.  It was purely made for looking at.

Fast forward to now, and my how things have changed.  Our garden (vegetable, that is) is a source of pride for Alf and I because we grow so much from it and can provide for our family. Our beautiful lawn is considered redundant now, taking up valuable space that could grow us something.  I am not fazed in the least about this.

Our chickens are good layers.  The Brown Shaver is the production factory among chickens.  The happy hens gladly give us an egg each day, and large eggs I might add.  I think there is nothing more amazing than going out each morning and handling warm freshly laid eggs.

Seb along to help collect the eggs

Spring is making its presence felt around the section.  Spring and Autumn are my most favourite seasons of the year.  Rhododendrons and azaleas are highlights for this shrub loving girl. The spring flowering begins in early September and provides an ongoing show until late November.  We have been in our home for 5 years, in that time I have planted some new spring flowering shrubs, but our section is blessed with some very old shrubs and trees planted back in the 70's when the house was built.  These shrubs and trees form the backdrop to the garden.  I am happily adding to the layout with new planting, but being mindful to retain this mature park-like setting.
3 year old Magnolia just finshing flowering, bird bath and flowering cherry on right
1st strawberries coming along

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