Saturday, October 16, 2010

All creatures great and small - Part 1

Saturday 16th October 2010

Part 1 of a series introducing you to the animals at our place.

My home is not a home without the cats. I say this because I have always lived in a home that contained a cat.  And I just love them to bits.  Right from a small age I collected cat ornaments, personally fed our moggies (not my sisters thing) and even worked christmas holidays while at Intermediate school (12-13 years of age for you overseas people joining me) in a cattery.  You would find me the first one to arrive each morning, to be the first person all the 10's of cats would see.  A chorus of happy meows.  When I married my husband my cat Chloe came too, we were like a package.  Now my daughter Georgia has followed in my footsteps.  Her bedroom bookcase is adorned  with my old cat ornament collection, Pet magazines are spread around her floor and cute posters line the walls.  Georgia is horse mad as well, so horse magazines sit side by side with the cat magazines.

Poppy is a little grey tabby who is quietly spoken, timid and easily scared.  You won't find her around when there are visitors.  She is really a one owner cat, that's me.  And now Georgia as well.  Having said that, Poppy is delightful and a mean hunter.  She is a constant source of birds now that spring is here.  However, she will catch and kill, but not eat them. Don't you go mad when they insist on bringing the jolly bird right inside to show you?

Sebbie OKA Sebbiepuss, Sebmyster and Lord Sebastian is our exotic male cat.  His mum is a full persian and obviously dad is a tabby.  Seb is our resident alpha male and constantly tries to upset the balance of power of the cat hierarchy in our house.  Poppy may be small and timid, but she has all the power.  Poor Seb is the source of all their fighting as he wants to be the one in charge.  Makes for interesting days here I tell you.  He would be the most unusual cat I've ever had. I think this might be because I've always had domestic moggies and he has this strong persian type personality I've not come across before. Everyday he teaches me something new.  Seb loves walking out with me each morning to collect the eggs and we have a wee talk together.  Being built for comfort not speed, Seb tidies up all the birds and mice that Poppy catches, but does not hunt. Seb loves attention and can never get enough of it. You will find him the centre of attention when we have visitors and he will spread himself out in the floor where ever we are.

Bye for now, Lee-Anne

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