Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome to my world

Hello to you all and welcome to my new blog about our daily life away from the hectic modern world.  However when I describe our world as being "away" from all things modern, we do infact lead a busy normal life like everyone around us.  We do though, consciously make our lives simple and as frugal as best we can.

So join me each day as I blog about life and the world around us as I see it.  I will be cooking, baking, gardening, keeping chickens, spending time with our 2 cats, Poppy and Sebbie (I will introduce you to them in future blogs), making homemade cleaners, homeschooling, keeping to a tight budget, living with Aspergers Syndrome, card making, learning to quilt and sew, watching decent programmes and listening to wonderful audio books.

Tongue Twisters
Something we are trying in homeschool this week that is fun and light hearted.  With the continuing aftershocks here in christchurch, laughing is a good way to lighten to mood and nerves.  These aftershocks are like the gift that keeps giving! actually we've had over 1400 now. Here is a selection you can practise with your lot:-

A cup of coffee in a copper coffee cup
 A wicked cricket critic's wicket
Six thick thistle sticks
 The chip shop's shut, but the sheep chop shop's cheap
Teeth Tongue Cheek and Gum
 Freddy Thrush flies through thick fog
A rural library littered with literary literature
A truly rural frugal ruler's mural
Rugged rubber buggy bumpers
Lemon liniment
and lastly, The sixth skeikh's sixth sheep's sick

Thankyou all for stopping by, Lee-Anne

1 comment:

  1. Yea welcome to blogging!!!!

    I laughed at your tongue twisters. Today we were doing a review if language features - I laughed at James' memory of an alliteration example.
    Peter piper picked his pimple

    Homeschooling don't yea just love it!

    Love Leanne



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