Monday, November 15, 2010

Celebrations and More Shaking Earth Part 1

Sunday 14th November 2010

It has been Show weekend here in Canterbury.  Show a great success , Friday is a public holiday here, so no school or work.  We have been busking in hot summertime over the last week with temperatures reaching the mid to high 20's. So a time to relax for a few days, everyone doing their own thing.

Friday saw Georgia and Alex swim at a local river with the other girls from the paddock.  The horses also got to go along for a swim as well.  With a float that takes only 2 horses at a time, several trips need to be made to get all the horses out and back.

Friday was also our wedding anniversary.  The day was kicked off with a brunch of waffles, bananas, bacon, coffee and grape juice.  The children got right into the swing of things.  As predicted Georgia set the table and made a lovely job, she made the coffees and organised getting the boys to the table while I cooked.

Brunch plated up and ready to go, Mmmmmmm

Talk at the table soon turned to how Alf and I met 18 years ago.  It's funny when your children get old enough to want to know about things like this.  Alex at 14 and a half was genuinely interested at "how" we met.  I laughed and said it sounded like an episode of How I Met Your Mother.  But it was a lovely time sitting and enjoying a family time together, even though Alex had quickly eaten his plate of food and was eagerly checking out everybody else's bacon! poor teenage boy, to think if we had been out at a proper restaurant, he would have polished off more than 1 plate of  food, likely 3!

The hot weather has encouraged the cats to lounge around more, trying to find a cool breezy spot.
 Now I know why some strawberry plants are squashed.

Bye for now, Lee-Anne

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