Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celebrations and More Shaking Earth Part 2

Tuesday 16th November 2010

It seems we have not escaped the dreaded aftershocks as we suspected.  After a quiet period of maybe two weeks the earth has reminded us there still is a wee way to go until things settle down. While listening to Radio New Zealand the other morning, a Canterbury University Geologist was speaking about the nasty shocks Christchurch experienced on Sunday. He said those quakes were regarded as significant, and although the  occurrence of aftershocks has slowed the magnitude has not reduced at all.

Our household like many in Christchurch was awakened at 1.33am to a 4.7 magnitude aftershock.  We all quickly deduced that everyone was safe and proceeded back to sleep as best we could, hey, we are old hands at this quake business now! At this point I need to explain that all these quakes Christchurch has experienced are aftershocks, not new earthquakes.  An aftershock is any earthquake lower in magnitude to the initial quake.  Also according to that Geologist, we have many months like this ahead of us.  

So, onto Sunday night, where we gathered watching PrimeTV's new series of Get Growing, which I might add is great,  as there aren't any gardening programmes on free TV.  During the shake, a 4.9 magnitude, we watched as the TV almost shook off its cabinet and the watched as books were almost shaken off the bookcase, check out the link here..... Canterbury aftershock-shakes-Christchurch 

Happenings around the house and garden....

Fruit mix soaking in sherry ready for Christmas cake

Trying to perfect my homemade hamburger buns
Something to get really excited about! the framing for the new greenhouse has gone up. Painstakingly crafted by engineering husband.  Will devote a future blog about our plans.  But we are halfway there now with the framing.

Animals & Birdlife
Part of Georgia's Zoology1 school work was to make a bird feeder.  Wonderful to see birdlife coming into garden and using it.

Tried to get good photos of fast moving hedgehog at 10:25pm, but was hard

Bye for now, Lee-Anne

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  1. swoon.... a glasshouse. I'm emerald green,
    wait till I show Brent what you are getting.

    Please show progress photos.

    Glad you love apologia.

    Love Leanne



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