Tuesday, December 14, 2010

End of Term Treat

Hello everyone, yes I have been playing around with my blog again. I just can't seem to help myself and play with all this technology. It's the creative beast in me that always wants to change things, somehow make them better maybe?

Yesterday we had our "end of term treat" at a large leisure complex in Christchurch, Queen Elizabeth II indoor pool. A very hot day, in the high 20's. There were 8 of us in total and we all piled into our people mover. Got to love having a big vehicle at times like this. The children were going to swim and hydroslide all afternoon. We got there at 2pm to find out the hydroslide started at 4pm. The children were gutted, but coped really well with that disappointment. So 3 hours of just swimming was had in the end. Because we very rarely head to that pool, as it's on the other side of the city, they made the most of the fun to be had. Even Alex, who struggles with the sensory overload at an indoor pool, managed to cope for that length of time.  

Had to laugh, the children were in the pool not 10 minutes when the loud speaker announced to all the homeschooling children in the pool that it was time to leave. Our lot started making their way out of the pool looking confused, but doing as they were told.  only to find out there was another large homeschool group at the pool and it was obviously time for that lot to leave.

More to come later....

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