Friday, December 17, 2010

Yippeee...beginning of the summer harvest

We are beginning to reap the benefit of our new garden at last.  Not only are the chickens happily providing us with 5 eggs each day, some of our seedlings planted in October are ready to harvest.
I spent last night blanching and freezing my first lot of broccoli.  We have decided to freeze as much as we can at the moment, as is very hard to keep up with all this broccoli.  Might do the same with the cauliflower as well when it's ready.
 7 big heads of broccoli

I brought water to the boil in a large pot, placed broccoli under water for 1 min, then quickly removed placed into freezing cold water and left to dry on the bench.  My first effort at this form of preserving and I thought I did rather well.  5 packets for the freezer weighing 605gm, 500gm, 575gm, 570gm and 720gm.
Plums are ready at the farm where our horse lives.  Will wait for them to ripen then preserve somehow, not sure what I will do yet.


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