Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Quiet Revolution

I am convinced there is a quiet revolution happening at the moment and most people in community won't even know it's happening.

I get really excited when ever I come across like minded people who hark back to the simple life of old.  Don't get me wrong, these people still live wholly in the moment, have lovely modern homes, have not removed all the trappings of modern comfort from their lives etc.  What they do do, that I like to do as well is live their lives with a mindful purpose towards a simple life.

I met a woman called Pam this week while in the process of ordering some home school resources.  Pam is doing almost exactly what I am doing in my home.  It was so refreshing to find a like-minded person on the same journey that I am on.  As a homeschooling family and myself as a homeschooling mother, you can easily feel isolated from the "modern trappings life" as I call it.

We mindfully educate our children on a different educational path compared with their peers. We purposely avoid the consumer driven lives of our neighbours.  I like to think we also thoughtfully pick and choose how much of modern culture we will tolerate in our homes and with the lives of our children.  And by modern trappings I am referring to the Internet, TV, radio,cell phones, ready-made food and shopping malls (I bet you couldn't walk a straight line in one at the moment!)

So today I have been thinking about all the people who also live much similar lives to what our family is doing.  It made me feel like a I was part of a small busy group living simply, just quietly getting on with their revolutionised lives on their homestead where ever it is. 

I will leave you with this poem I came across yesterday.  Out of the library I am reading Kitchen Sink, The best of Richard Till's columns from the Sunday Star-times.  A great wee read, I love his recipes and his easy going kiwi manner.  He presents very basic family fare in a very humorous way.

Recipe for happiness or jus of Christmas spirit

2 heaped cups of patience
1 heart full of love
2 hands full of generosity
dash of laughter
1 head full of understanding

Sprinkle generously with kindness.
Spread over a period of a lifetime and 
serve to everyone you meet.

Bye for now, Lee-Anne

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