Sunday, December 19, 2010

On a mission

An extremely hot day on Saturday in Christchurch, 35 degrees Celsius in some parts of the city (like ours!!) The wind we get from the northwest comes over from Australia, which is a much hotter country than we are here.  Christchurch literally swelters from the heat and all manner of vegetables and people wilt and fall over.  The last time I remember such a hot day was in February 2009 when Melbourne had their hottest day on record which created massive bush fires called Black Saturday.  There really is not much you can do about such hot days but to just bear it as best you can and place yourself in front of the nearest fan.

I had a mission on Saturday.  I desperately need a new printer for my home school and home resources.  I particularly missed having access to a photocopier once I left the workforce.  There are always useful library book pages to copy, enlarging and reducing to do, curriculum on CD and online and basic everyday general copying.

So for the last few weeks I have been studying printer brands and prices.  I didn't really want to pay too much, or full price and wanted a printer/scanner/copier.  What a mission.  I am now well versed in the intricate details that make up the specifications of any printer.  I eventually found what I wanted in this model, Epson Stylus NX420....and it was the last one in the shop so was discounted from $149.00 to $111.00.  I was planning to try the Boxing day sales,  however I think I got a good bargain and pretty good price, so am happy and get to stay home on the 26th therefore avoiding the mad rush of shoppers.
 The exciting thing is it has WI-FI and can be set up anywhere in the house.  Only we tried all last night to very late trying to do just that.  Without much luck.  So it sits next to me on the computer desk where I didn't really want it, connected by USB cable.

As part of our curriculum I have purchased the following CD's....

I have the CD resources to make this lapbook over term 1 and 2 next year, 
then we will study composers for terms 3 and 4

Bye for now, Lee-Anne

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