Friday, December 24, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas!

It is finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here now.  The presents are sitting under the tree ready for unwrapping tomorrow.  Christmas food is being prepared in the kitchen, and the countdown has begun. There is a heightened sense of excitement emanating from the children and us adults as well.  Even at nearly 15 and 12, Christmas is still a big thing to them.

We did a marathon last shop around the city, starting off very early to avoid the crowds.  I wanted to spend the day at home today, so it all had to be yesterday.  The shopping was successful, but tiring for us especially me as the driver.  However, we decided to park a wee way away from one of our major malls to avoid that whole carpark thing this time of year.  Alex, we think, has managed to break a toe while pushing our trolley back to the car.  He is having a very low key day today, nursing a very sore foot.

Here is a list of what I need to do today in preparation....

1.   Make sponge for trifle

2.   Make custard and assemble trifle

3.   Make stuffing and cook 2 chickens to have cold tomorrow

4.   Decorate and set table for champagne breakfast, which is actually just sparkling grape juice.  Brunch is something we have done now for 3 years, so is a special time.  Everyone insists that we have brunch and it seems to have become a tradition.  This year is extra special as we have a student from Brazil living with us over the Christmas period and he is experiencing a "Kiwi" Christmas for the 1st time.

5.   Church at 5pm for a special family service.

6.   Fish and chip tea at the beach afterwards.  After extremely hot and windy temperatures this week I am worried it may being raining this evening.

So there we are.  The only things left to do for tomorrow are make a pavlova in the morning and cook the waffles for brunch.  We are spending the day at my Mum and Dad's house.  Everyone is taking something for the meal.  I will be taking cold chicken, trifle and pavlova.  The soft drink and juices for a punch have already gone around.

In the garden...
What a week it has been weather wise.  Some days have been too windy to even venture out the door, let alone garden.  So the poor garden is a bit worse for wear as a result.  The gale force winds have blown over plants and the extreme heat has dried out the ground.

 The yard is a mess with leaves blown off trees

The vegetables have been blown over
Mum and Dad have called in for a cuppa, Dad is checking whether the garlic is ready.  And it is, Dad digs it all out, Thanks Dad
Georgia carries the bundle of garlic to be strung up, smells divine.
We help ourselves to the peas that are ready.  The children were amazed that you could do that.  A wonderful "moment" to share, the children nibbling fresh peas that they had helped plant.

Merry Christmas from  everyone here at Tales from the Garden Gate

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  1. aaaa fresh peas - ours hardly ever get to the pot. WE all seem to sit around the pole & nibble. My garlic is just not quite done.

    Have a lovely day with your family today.

    Love Leanne



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