Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Christmas in Photos

A wonderful day has been had.  The most important people around us.  Our family, grandparents and cousins spending the whole day together talking and laughing.  Am getting tired now, it's 9.32pm and I have been up since 5.45am.

Here are some highlights for the day and of Christmas Eve....

Christmas Eve happenings.....

 Georgia stuffing and stitching up the chickens ready to cook

Ironing the place mats.  What a helpful daughter she is.

 View of central Christchurch from a lookout on The Port Hills.

 Fish and Chip dinner at the lookout after our church service, a beautiful night with amazing views as well.  We are showing Nando, our student from Brazil, how our city is spread out.

 The trifle is almost finished, this is how I do the inside.  Custard layer is next.

Whipped cream to go onto trifle just before serving.

Christmas Day happenings....
 About to say grace and start brunch, look how bright the sun is streaming in the lounge window.
Nando, pleased with his "kiwi" gifts.

My new letter box, carefully crafted by my father.  It even has copper flashing on the roof.
Nando and Georgia celebrating.


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