Monday, December 27, 2010

Here we go again

Just when we thought the aftershocks had slowed almost to a stop, we get a timely reminder that we did indeed experience a violent earthquake whose affects haven't quite stopped yet.

Christchurch started shaking again around 2am yesterday and didn't stop until late last night.  We experienced at least a dozen of quakes through the day, the worst at 10.30am measuring 4.9

So began our disaster preparations yet again.  We took down what mirrors and photos we had decided to put back on the walls.  A few ornaments taken of bookcases as well.  That sense of anxiety had crept back into our conversations and thoughts again.  What will happen in the night tonight?  My thoughts went to how much emergency water did we have? batteries? it was just like here we go again!

We suffered some new damage.  A large crack has appeared on our concreted outdoor area.  Will now have to make a new claim for this damage.  EQC is saying that because this is a new earthquake, a new claim is required.  I will go online after finishing my blog and do the claim. Many people out doing the boxing day sales fled from malls and shops during the big one.  Many not returning, scared to go back inside.

We all spent the day around the house.  Alf and I getting stuck into the garden, harvesting our cauliflower that's all ready.  We dug up our new potatoes for the first time, what a sense a achievement.  We had the rest of my family around for lunch to finish off the Christmas day leftovers.  We ate our new potatoes and I made a quick cauliflower cheese with our 1st cauliflower.

Dinner was also an easy meal.  There's something nice about preparing a meal over the holiday period when there is no rush, dinner was made after 7.30pm at a leisurely pace.

Simple fare, corn fitters, new potatoes and fresh salad.  The red in the salad are our ripe strawberries.

Sebbie enjoying his chicken jerky Christmas present, have to laugh as my camera shot has caught him with his tongue out!


1 comment:

  1. The shaking must be unnerving.

    What is nicer than fresh new spuds from the garden - to the plate.

    Love photo of sebbie.

    Love Leanne



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