Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Food price increases and other thoughts

The increasing food prices we are experiencing worry me more and more each day. 

As the homemaker (that is what I like to call myself) in our household,  my job is to run the house as smoothly and economically as possible, keep house and buy and make all our food. Perhaps some people consider that job old fashioned and dreconian, but I relish my role.  Our roles are very defined. Alf is our breadwinner in the traditional sense of the word, his job is to go out and earn an income. This probably seems again old fashioned in this 2 income world we live in.  We run a very tight ship around here, but it is time once again to batten down the preverbial hatches and prepare for the coming year.

Here is a article from last night's TV3 news....

Fears food is being priced out of reach

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 6:19p.m.
By Jane Luscombe
Economists are predicting a tough year ahead for all of us, with a menu of even higher food prices and less cash to pay for it.
The prospect is angering charities, who say basic good is being priced out of people’s reach.
Twice as many Kiwis as last year were forced to swallow their pride this Christmas to give their families one of the basic requirements for life: food.
Last year, 1700 people asked for food parcels in the five weeks before Christmas.
This year, the mission handed out nearly as much in just one week.
The Institute of Economic Research predicts that by March 2011, food prices will be eight to 10 percent higher than the same time this year.
Chief executive of the Auckland City Mission, Diane Robertson, says it’s a double-whammy for the mission; more people will be unable to afford to eat, while those who donate food cutback on their generosity.
“It’s wrong that food is being priced out of people’s reach,” she says.
There is a number of reasons for the cost increases;
Prices continue to rise for commodities such as butter, cheese, grain and milk powder.
In the year to November, butter went up by 61 percent.
Cheese, by nearly 25 percent.
And milk, by almost 15 percent.
Potato crops were blighted by a pest, helping to push prices up by a third.
With household budgets already bruised by Christmas expenses, it’s not just the poorest who struggle to pay the bills.
Add in the GST increase and it’s a recipe for hunger in a growing number of households.
Economists say that 60 percent of income earners are worse off than they were last year. With growing food bills looming, the chances of a happy new year are looking slim.
3 News
Sobering thought.  Reading something like this makes me even more determined to try and provide nutritional  food for my family as best I can, while trying to keep to a strict budget.  And it appears that strictness might just get tighter.

I am blessed by the blogs and websites I have access to to give me inspiration when it is sometimes lacking.  Libraries are also a wonderful source of great cookbooks.  At the moment I am reading a cookbook by one of my favourite food authors, Sophie Gray, AKA The Destitiute Gourmet.

I have all of Sophie's books, which I started collecting some 10 years ago, however this time I have chosen to reserve the book at the library to save costs then select which meals I will make.  Well, I have chosen quite a few to try over the next few weeks.  Alot are vegetarian, which is really exciting.  By buying more beans, grains and pulses I hope to keep the rising food bill down.

Here's what I will be making in the next few weeks and will let you know how they go with the family;  Bacon and corn quiche, Almost butter chicken and vegetable pies, Malaysian beef curry, Bulk meatball mix, Bistro sausage and lentil soup, Chilli bean and potato bake, tortilla vegetable stack, Crispy baked samosas, Lentil and sweet potato parcels, Lentil and sweet Potato curry.

 I am planning to scrutinise my supermarket docket more carefully over the coming months as well.  At present I use an old exercise book each week, half planner half price book.  However, I think  the price book will become a valuable tool to use to beat the supermarket at their own game.  I will let you know how I go each week. Perhaps I will post my menu plans as well.



  1. I've noticed food going up, up & up.
    Meat packs used to be $20.00 - I would buy 3 a week - they are now $25.00 each - an extra $15.00 per week on my food bill. Way more than GST increase....


    I price shop & it is very powerful. We ate seasonal Christmas food before Christmas and didn't feel deprived - in fact smug seeing the prices rise for Christmas day.

    We will buy another ham after Christmas when the sales of ham begins.

    Bet supermarkets hope more folks don't get smart like us aye. GIGGLE.

    Love Leanne

  2. I have seen the same thing happening here in the US. For many years the prices of everything have gone up, but our wages have not. Making due with less is a must. I really like your blog. It's fun finding a like-minded friend in New Zealand. I have some in-real-life friends (missionaries our church supports) who live in Christchurch. I have been praying for them through the earthquakes. God bless you!



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