Friday, December 31, 2010

More life in Photos

Thought I should tell you about what has been happening around here in last few days.

Here I thought we would be getting stuck into making new gardens and planting out.  We have in fact been spring cleaning of all things.  While we have time on our hands, no student (Nando is holidaying around the South Island and will be back Sunday), easy dinners made late, we are cleaning and clearing up the "stuff" (code name for JUNK) sitting around the house.

Once I get my physical surroundings cleared up I can concentrate on school planning without thinking that it all still needs doing.  Alf can go back to work with a tidy home environment that is clutter free.  As an Engineer, he has a smallish workshop out the back, but tooooo many tools, projects and work in progress sitting around.  So he is having a clear out in there as well.

All this feels strangely satisfying and very cost effective.  We are finding all sorts of forgotten items and we aren't in the shops either.  I have just purchased more white vinegar and baking soda in my monthly shop at Bin Inn.  Everything will smell like salt and vinegars chips for a few days then the smell will go away.

So what is my immediate plan now for the house? kitchen walls, cupbaords and floors; laundry floor, washing machine and walls; bathroom cupboard and draws.

Once that is all out of the way, we will then move onto the garden and our original planting plans.  I  also have plums rippened that need to be made into something. Don't know what I will make yet, but will think of something between now and then.

Am starting to cut costs here and there for un-necessay bills. Have decided to cancel our SKY subscription.  That will save us $75.00 per month and a wopping $900.00 per year.  It is so surprising how all these small costs soon add up. So I am looking around in other areas to nip and tuck as well.

Money can be saved by doing haircuts at home so I am learning to cut hair.  Sounds very glamorous doesn't it?  The men have very basic cuts, so we purchased on special at The Warehouse,a really good razor kit.  Was marked down from $49.99 to $14.00 during the winter.  Georgia has been cutting her Dad's hair quite successfully since then.  I am just new to this cutting game.  Alex sat quite well for me yesterday in our converted kitchen to salon.  I think I did OK, there is much room for improvement, but I am a patient learner.

Alex getting his hair cut by Georgia and I (Alex hasn't had a haircut since April)

While on the subject of Alex, I couldn't resist this shot of domestic bliss.
 Lovely fresh lunch...  new potatoes, salad and fritatta
Crunchy Lemon Muffins for our guests at morning tea time

 Heavy rain from our storm on Monday

Strawberries are abundant

Meet Nibbles our newest pet.  As we are studying insects in term 1, I thought I would make a head start on our studies and observe caterpillars.  Nibbles is 10mm long in this photo.
Our lawn is amass with bumblebees and honey bees
Happy New Year to You All!!!!!

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