Friday, April 22, 2011

15th Birthday Celebrations

Around Home
Alex has just turned 15.  It hardly seems like the other day we were celebrating his 5th and 10th birthdays.

 Butter icing decorating a chocolate cake inside 
(craftily hiding amateur icing job done by me) 
with pineapple lumps and party mix.

Alex blowing out his candles.  An impromptu outing with cake in hand was made to 
my mum and dad's house one evening.

I baked a double batch of chocolate cake mixture I have used here,
making a large rectangle and a ring cake.

I cut out the "one" and part of the "five" from the rectangle, then estimated where to cut the circular part 
of the "five" making the rounded part. Then sliced and filled with butter icing.

A birthday celebration was a good excuse to eat our "American Night" cuisine as we eat our way around the world, incorporating and extending our homeschool geography lessons.  Alex had planned out a menu.

We ate chicken, our own corn and vegetables and I just varied the planned brownie for the cake

Autumn Means.... 
PJ specials at Farmers (for me, blue with pussy cats) and PostiePlus as the cold winter nights we are upon us now in the South Island.

My how times change... New PJ's picture 5 years ago, 
by the way Georgia had not been punched in the eye, she had just returned from a St John Cadets makeup evening.

To now, we almost officially have 2 teenagers in the house...hey guys, stop growing will you?

Happy Easter To You All

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  1. Happy Birthday to your young man. I have to laugh at the photo of their backs...typical teens aye? LOL! Great job on the cake...Happy Easter you you, too!



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