Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let Me Show You Around Our Place

While the house was tidy the other day I took some photos to show you around our home.  Come with me as I show you around....

 Our home schoolroom, which was our dining room.  
The whiteboard sits on a dining chair and gets moved around as needed.  The library books you can see normally sit displayed nicely on the hutch dresser, however, they all came down in the 6.3 earthquake and I never put them all back up.

Top shelf holds reference books, middle shelf holds curriculum to be used and math books for me and at the bottom Georgia keeps all her work.

Alex likes having his own space this year, which seems to be working out well.

We have just inherited this shelving from my mother in law, handy for by the telephone.

Georgia sits here at the end and I am beside her at the other end.

The lounge looking out towards the north.  A large room made up of lots of windows and not much wall space unfortunately.

With the lounge being so long, we are able to put our 2 metre dining table here.

The log burner that will finally be signed off this Wednesday coming.  There is a huge wait (3-6 weeks) for plumbers in the city at the moment, eventually we did manage to get one to connect our wetback last Thursday.  Alf has put up the flue and all is done now. It has been sooooo cold in the house with the latest storms and we have had  NO heating!
The big white bookcase did used to sit in the dining room, but I inherited yet another smaller bookcase that now sits better in the small space in the dining room.  I now have the opportunity to fill this up with spare books and have somewhere to keep our games.

Through the end of the lounge into another room where we keep the family computer.  Our computer sits where both Alf and I can keep an eye on Internet use.  The door shown is actually our official front door, but since we made our new garden and fenced everything off, this door is now redundant. This area was our entrance way and leads up the stairs, to the right of the computer desk.

The view from my kitchen bench, Leanne from Cottagetails should be able to recognise that plate holder on the left.....

A lovely gift from my darling husband on a trip to Jo Seagar"s Cafe a couple of years ago.  Most of the time my retro crown lynn plates sit on it, holding our fruit.  But every now and then when I play ladies, we put lovely little tea cakes and savouries on it and drink out of bone china tea cups. here it is advertised at Seagars at Oxford



  1. What fun to see where yea all do school & I was zooming in on what you use
    I need to email you later - I have some geography stuff that I doubt we will use - you might like it for your geography lessons - Email me your address & I'll send it down.

    LOVEd the cake rack!!!!!

    I hope your fire keeps you all real warm soon.

    I'm laughing at our messy homeschool space - my sewing up, computer, trade me listings stacked - oh my! No photo no way!

    have a great day

    Love Leanne

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, from the sounds of things you are a busy Trademe woman!
    Blush!! I only took the photos because the house had been tidied for our afternoontea back when it was Alf's birthday. Otherwise it's just an eternal mess of books, papers, dishes and more dishes!
    Thanks for the offer of the geography things ((HUGS)) I'll email you my address, you are so kind.

    Love Lee-Anne

  3. oh you are so organised Lee-Anne! And tidy too! I'm with Leanne on the no photo thing LOL!

    Thanks for sharing with us your home. Have a lovely day!

  4. Can't have too many books or book shelves! :-) Very nice home.



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