Saturday, October 30, 2010


Thursday 28th & Friday 29th October 2010

Where has the week gone?
No reason for this cute photo, Sebbie was just sitting there, looking at this....

The unhappy ending to one of Poppy's hunting trips, RIP little bird (Can anyone tell us what type of small bird this is?)

Thursday was spent out of the house at a homeschool conference for this "Mistaken Opportunities Tour with Don McCabe".  Don McCabe is the founder of the internationally renowned AVKO Educational Research Foundation.  I am on the hunt for a spelling resource that will help Georgia with her spelling.  An area that is the most difficult for her.  So a great day was had, I came home buzzing with excitement over this spelling and the rest of the curriculum I had handled.  Georgia and I sat with Don and had a one to one with him for about 20 minutes.  We were very lucky to snatch that time with him during the lunch break, and am very grateful to him for his time.Very inspriational for both of us. Can you believe this man is sailing around New Zealand at the moment, stopping off at ports and talking to groups of people like us?

A curriculum fair was attached to the day, so I was able to suss out material I want to buy for next year.  Being a homeschooling family and mother, sometimes you can't help feeling isolated from other similar minded folk.  It's just reality as I see it, so I came away from there with a huge sense of being part of something bigger, able to talk freely with other like minded people.

Georgia and I transplanting seedlings from  the seed rising mix
Fingers crossed we have done OK and will have little plants soon
Schoolwork Friday and we are transferring out seedlings out of the "cot" and into the "bassinet" so to speak.  This seeding growing business is all very new to us, so we hope we are doing the correct things as we go.  However, like any good science experiment, we will either suceed or fail.  A good way to learn what not to do next time.

Answers to previous blog are....
1.     Poetry
2.     Huhu Grub
3.     1995
4.     Russell
5.     The dominant food they eat, brown algae produce blue-greens, red algae produce deep red-browns
6.     Waipoua Kauri Forest
7.     The Union Jack was replaced by the current New Zealand flag

Dinner Friday is Devilled Sausages, mashed potato and vegetables

Bye for now

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